A Critical Appraisal of Yoga in the Management of Clinical Disturbance of the Circadian Rhythm


  • Abhijeet Aher Abhijeet Aher GACH Nagpur
  • Dr.Shravani P Chavan GACH Nagpur


Circadian Rhythm, Yoga, Ayurved


        Living organisms on the earth have evolved under the influence of a daily light and dark cycle. Exposure to the appropriate spectrum of light enhances human health and well being, immune response and productivity. This appropriate light exposure through the eye modifies ‘The Circadian Rhythm’ which is basically an approximately 24 hour internal clock that is running in the background of our brain coordinating between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. Nevertheless in the era of modernization humans have been facing complex health challenges. While prevention and treatment for infectious diseases have prolonged life span on one hand; on the other a stressful and exhaustive competitive world has ruined the quality of life leading to various lifestyles, psychosomatic and metabolic disorders eventually disrupting this circadian rhythm. Treating these disturbances in the circadian rhythm has been challenging as the modern pharmacological approach to disease management is unsatisfactory at times. Thus the present article to the possible extent describes the circadian rhythm and its clinical manifestations when it is disturbed. It peculiarly emphasizes on evaluation of the potential benefits of Yoga including current research findings and ways to integrate Yoga as a mainstream therapy to synchronize the clinical disturbances in the circadian rhythm.

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Dr.Shravani P Chavan, GACH Nagpur


Department of Rachana Sharir


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