Neetika Kundailia


Growing awareness of Ayurvedic medicines and formulations has led to several conflicts with western pharmaceutical companies who are taking the lead from Ayurvedic medicines and patenting them in their own name. But as we are all aware that the intellects involved behind constructing this unique science is very much grass rooted in Indiaand the country is responsible for producing the majority of Ayurvedic leads right from the traditional times.

An overview of understanding the concept, rules, laws, regulations, present status, controlling authorities with emphasis on its statistical inference to understand the future challenges of Intellectual Property Rights and how to restore our scientific knowledge to promote ideas and make them acceptable without financial constraints.

Evaluating and reviewing the terms, criteria’s included in IPR. The outcome is pretty much predictable that we need rules, proper structured laws to protect our patents, our natural resources and for proper understanding of IPR courses conducted on it should be increased. Considering the statistical aspects the execution of IPR has decreased over the years due to lack of systematic indulgence in traditional system of medicine. The number of governing bodies included has expensive and strict vigilances that decrease the promotion of ideas from the mass people as they are very few governing bodies. A proper council easily understandable and approachable is of utmost importance.

KEYWORDS: Ayurveda, Intellectual property rights, Patent medicine, Courses, Financial status of Ayurveda



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