Classical and Contemporary Review on Marubak (Ocimum Basilicum L.): An Unexplored Potential Ayurvedic Herb

Subhasmita Jena, Tanuja Nesari, Shivani Ghildiyal


Ocimum basilicum L. of family Lamiaceae is an aromatic plant native to tropical regions from Central Africa to Southeast Asia. In Ayurvedic classics the plant is appeared by the name of Marubak and Phaninjak. The plant is widely used for culinary purposes. Thus the plant is in use as medicine and functional food. Several dosages forms of the plant are ascribed in Ayurvedic classics for the management of various diseases such as Jwara (Fever), Kustha (Skin diseases), Krimi (Worm infestation), Apasmara (Epilepsy), Kasa (Cough), Swasa (Asthma), Pratisyaya (Rhinitis), Visha (Poison) etc. The drug is also mentioned as a leafy vegetable (Shaka Varga) in Ayurvedic treatise. The plant is reviewed many times for its contemporary aspect but the Ayurvedic aspect of the plant is still not reviewed systematically. Thus an attempt is made to identify and report the classical Ayurvedic aspect of Marubak from Veda, Samhita, Chikitsa Granth and Ayurvedic Nighantus (Ayurvedic lexicons) along with its contemporary reviews from various journals.




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