Physico Chemical Study Of “Kajjali” A Unique Preparation With Different Proportions Of Parada (Mercury) and Gandhaka(Sulphur)

Pramod Channappa Baragi


Kajjali is Sagandh Niragni Murcchana of Parada. It is used in numerous Rasakalpas as a catalyst and also as a chief ingredient. It is usually prepared by taking equal quantity of Shuddha Parada and Shuddha Gandhaka and triturating it till the mixture becomes jet black as that of Kajjal(Anjana). There are references of Kajjali having proportions of Parada and Gandhaka in 1:1/2,1:1,1:2 to 1:6 proportions. Hence to examine expected physico chemical changes the present study was undertaken. The Kajjali becomes more and more acidic on addition of Shuddha Gandhaka in it. The Specific gravity shows negligible variation among all samples. The moisture content of Kajjali is less than 0.5% which proves that Kajjali do not contain moisture; The Specific gravity of Kajjali ranges from 1.022 to 1.039 and it shows that addition of Gandhaka hardly affects Specific gravity. In the quantitative examination , reduction in the Particle size was observed and on XRD the percentage of Cinnebar and metacinnebar goes on reducing while the percentage of Sulphur increases from Sample 1 to Sample 7.The Expected trace elements were <0.02% and the elements- K, Mn, P, Se were not determined as these elements were less than 0.01ppm.


Kajjali, Parada, Gandhaka, Shodhana, Mercurial formulations, Physico-Chemical Analysis

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