Tambulasevana As A Dinacharya-A Scientific Review

Manoj Gurunathrao Pande


Tambulasevana is one amongst the Dinacharya, explained by our ancient Acharya’s. Dinacharya is nothing but daily regimen that one should follow to keep ourselves free from diseases. Dinacharya is useful to avoid lifestyle disorders. Due to workload and increased mental pressure, day by day lots of new diseases are emerging. Health is neglected in pursuit of wealth. As per Ayurveda Soul, Mind and Body these three are the main pillars [1]. If these three are in normal state, our health is maintained. Charaka has mentioned two types of treatment i.e. diseases which are formed its treatment by drugs and diseases which are not yet formed, its prevention by avoiding the causative factors of the disease [2]. Dinacharya is advised to be followed by healthy person, as for unhealthy person pattern may change as per his health condition [3]. In Dinacharya things are described to avoid future probable diseases which may occur due to routine work and activity. Along with prevention it is way to strengthen our body and to improve immunity.  If we follow Tambulasevana as explained in our ancient text, it will help us to increase our digestion, to maintain hygiene of our mouth, avoids tooth caries. It removes stickiness of mouth by alleviating vitiated kapha dosha. An effort is made to explore the Tambulasevana as per our literature.



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