A Clinical Evaluation Of Erandadi Taila Nasya And Karnapurana And Sarshapa Taila Karnapurana In The Management Of Karna Nada W.S.R. To Tinnitus

  • Rakesh Bishnoi national institute of ayurveda, jaipur
Keywords: Ayurveda




Tinnitus is ringing sound or noise in the ear or head. The characteristic feature is that the origin of this sound is within the patient. Tinnitus is more annoying in quiet surroundings, particularly at night, when the masking effect of ambient noise from the environments lost. Epidemiologic studies have consistently reported that tinnitus prevalence in adults range from about 10 to 15 percent of the population worldwide.

Material and Methods

In present study 32 patients of Karna Nada (Tinnitus) were selected and divided into two equal groups of 16 patients each. In group- I, patients were advised Erandadi Taila Nasya and Karnapurana and in group- II, patients were advised Erandadi Taila Nasya and Sarshapa Taila Karnapurana.

Data obtained was statistically analyzed.


 Group- II was found to be providing better relief as compared to group- I.


There is a minute difference in percentage of relief in 2 groups under consideration. So no concluding statement can be given until the same trial is carried out on large sample size.

Key Words: Karna Nada, Tinnitus, Erandadi Taila, Nasya, Sarshapa Taila, Karnapurana.