Comparative study of Go-Ghrita and Arjun-Ghrita on biological parameters in healthy human volunteers.

  • Dr. Khushal Nikode



  • Introduction:- Ayurveda classified the vaya (age) into three avastha (stages) - Baalyavastha, Madhyamavastha and Vaardhakyavastha. In Vardhakyavastha, predominance of Vata causes Shoshana and Kshaya of different Dhatu.In modern medicine, Dyslipidemia and Cardiovascular disease (CVD) are specifically described in relation to aging.Heart is one of the vital organs which is found to be commonly affected in old age. In India, there has been an alarming increase in the prevalence of CVD over the past two decades. According to Ayurveda, origin of diseases are classified into Santarpana andApatarpanajanya vikar.In Charak Samhita, Hridayavyatha is described under Aptarpan janya vikar.In vruddhavastha, degenerativechanges are prominent,Bruhan chikitsa is recommended.Go-ghrita is known as best Bruhan, Rasayan and Vayasthapan. Arjun ghrita is mentioned in Ayurveda classics for all types of Hridroga.But in modern medicine, due to increased prevalence of CVD, it is suggested to avoid consumption of ghee. These things are found to be paradoxical. Aim & Objective :-This study is aimed to explore the Efficacy of Go-Ghrita  on biological parameters in healthy human volunteers. Methodology :- This was a Randomized clinical study. Total 15 volunteers were selected by Cluster Random Sampling method. They were categorized as high, medium and low socioeconomic group.Go-ghrita was given in the dose of 10 ml once a day in the morning on empty stomach with lukewarm water for continuous 60 days. Result:- No significant change was found in biological parameters because Ghee is a good source of short chain saturated fatty acids which are easier to digest. Conclusion:-The consumption of Go-ghrita is good for health in the quantity of 10 gm daily in healthy people.It might be helpful for improvement in cardiac function.Further study can be conducted in large number of healthy volunteers for longer duration for confirmation of result.

Keywords:-  Santarpana, Aptarpan, Hridayavyatha, Go-ghrita, Bruhan.