“Effect of ShuddhiKriya-Jalaneti in Chronic Sinusitis with special reference to Jeerna-Pratishyaya - A Case Report”

  • Sonal Dilip Wankhede Government ayurvedic college and hospital, Nagpur
  • Sumeeta subhaschandra jogad(jain) Associate professor, govt ayurved college and hospital, nagpur
  • Yogesh Omprakash Jakhar MD Scholar, dept of swasthavritta and yoga, GAC Nagpur
  • Nitesh Kisanrao Kamble Assistant professor, dept of sharir kriya , Parul institute of Ayurveda, Baroda, Gujrat
  • Vijay Gangadhar Patrikar HOD & Professor, dept of swasthavritta and yoga, GAC Nagpur
Keywords: yoga shastra



Purpose: Chronic Sinusitis is a common disease affecting people of all ages, leading to impaired drainage and poor ventilation from the sinuses and, if not treated can be life threatening due to proximity of Brain. Primary medical therapy available for Sinusitis is antibiotics & steroid administration with little benefit. With this background of the disease and its management, a case of chronic sinusitis was treated with the cleansing process of yoga i.e. Netikriya with good result.

Method: A 45 year old lady with presenting complaints of facial pain with nasal blockage, Congestion, thick nasal discharge from seven days with recurrent attack of such symptoms since 25 years was examined in the O.P.D of Dept. of ENT, Govt. Ayurved college & Hospital Nagpur. Diagnosis by X- ray (PNS) revealed that the patient was suffering from chronic Sinusitis. Depending upon the clinical and radiological examinations, patient was advised to practice 1 week Yogic kriya-Jalaneti with saindhavJala(hypertonic lukewarm saline water) of 200 ml at one time wash. The procedure was carried out for consecutive seven days in the O.P.D of E.N.T Department without any conventional medications.

Results: Clinical and Radiological status of the patient was compared before and after the therapy which showed a gradual decline in the classical symptoms of sinusitis

Conclusion: Practicing yogic kriya-JalaNeti is quite beneficial in improving the clinical and radiologic status of patients with chronic sinusitis. Such practice of yoga is inexpensive and safe when done under proper supervision and hence, should be implemented at the primary health care levels as an adjuvant therapy in the prevention and management of Chronic Sinusitis.

Key words: Shuddhikriya- Jalaneti ,Jeerna Pratishyaya, Chronic Sinusitis


Author Biography

Sonal Dilip Wankhede, Government ayurvedic college and hospital, Nagpur
PG Scholar( Dept. of swasthavritta and Yoga)



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