A Critical Book Review On “Rasa-Prakasha-Sudhakara”

Jyothi P Baragi, Pramod Channappa Baragi


There are various treasures of sciences in India which have made it popular in the world. Out of this Rasashastra (Indian Alchemy, Pharmaceutics and Therapeutics) is also one of them. There are various texts written on Rasashastra since from B.C to A.D. Out of many books written, few important books are Rasendrachudamani, Rasaprakashasudhakara, Rasachintamani, Rasachudamani, Rasendrachitamani, Rasapaddati, Rasasara, Rasendrasara, Rasamangala, Rasamanjari, Rasakamadhenu. These Rasagranthas (text books of Rasashastra) describe Dehavada (making the body healthy and strong), Lohavada (converting he lower metals in to gold and silver) and Chikitsavada (Treatment) in detail. Out of these books, Rasa-Prakasha-Sudhakara is an important one, which describes Lohavada and Chikitsavada in detail.


Rasashastra, Dehavada, Lohavada, Chikitsavada

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