Vyadhi sankara – concept of differential diagnosis in ayurveda

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Ayurveda is known as the science of life, rightly so, because it focuses equally both  on swastha(healthy) as well as on atura awastha(diseased state), maintenance of health and management of various diseases respectively. Integral part of atura skanda is roga nirnaya, chikitsa and so on. It is established that a disease according to ayurveda could be diagnosed on nidana panchaka alone. This nidana panchaka being the adhikarana is explained elaborately in  nidanasthana of charaka samhita.

In THE same section  their is  mention of the most ignored ,yet highly useful tool for diagnosis of a condition as per ayurvedic principles “the concept of SANKARA” . It is explained at the end of nidanasthana and  is an unique contribution of charaka samhitaSankara is explained under four categories, Hetu / Linga / Chikitsa and Vyadhi. In other words, the key to decode and understand the whole of atura skanda lies in this concept. Here in this article an effort is made to understand vyadhi sankara. Vyadhi sankara is a cluster /group of two or more diseases presenting together. 


Sankara, Hetu, Linga ,Vyadhi , Upadrava , Nidanarthakara roga


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