• Anup Jain Ch. Brahm prakash ayurved charak sansthan
Keywords: Anxiety Neurosis, Ayurveda, Panchkarma, Shirodhara, Jatamansi


In the modern era, life style is changing rapidly. Life is becoming fast and more techno-savvy and time for relaxation is decreasing. Prevalence of Anxiety Neurosis is increasing due to high levels of stress at work and personal fronts, which causes loss in work efficiency. In the recent studies it has been found that Anxiety patients form 30% of total psychiatric patients and about 5% of total population suffers from it.

The present study was undertaken to assess the efficacy of Shirodhara Chikitsa, as it acts on Manovaha Srotasa with following objectives and results.

  • To assess the effect of JatamansiSiddhaTaila Shirodhara on Anxiety neurosis by clinical trials
  • To find out the efficacy, dose, any side effects of Shirodhara.
  • Total 60 patients of Anxiety Neurosis were randomly selected and studied from Panchakarma Department, B.V.’s Ayurved Hospital, Pune. These patients were divided into two groups and given Shirodhara by Jatamansisiddhataila and TilaTaila.
  • By giving Shirodhara with JatamansiSiddhaTaila for 14 days, we get promising results 73.33% in Anxiety Neurosis and no relapses were seen in a follow up of 6 months.
  • No significant results were found in group given Shirodhara with TilaTaila and also relapse was seen.
  • Shirodhara by JatamansiSiddhaTaila, proved to be good treatment modality in the view of long term relief of Anxiety Neurosis as it acts by strengthening Manovaha srotasa and not just by suppressing vitiated Dosha.
  • No serious adverse effects were found.
Total 73.33% symptoms of Anxiety Neurosis patients were relieved.

Author Biography

Anup Jain, Ch. Brahm prakash ayurved charak sansthan
Clinical regsitrar, Panchkarma