Herbal Dentifrices: An Orthodontics Aspect

  • Chandrakant Panditrao Bangar Saraswati Dhanwantari Dental College and Hospital, Parbhani
  • Snehal Narendra Wagh Department of Pedodontics and preventive dentistry, Kothiwal dental college, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh , India
Keywords: Orthodontics, Herbal toothpaste


Oral diseases continue to be a major health problem world-wide. Oral health is integral to general well-being and relates to the quality-of-life that extends beyond the functions of the craniofacial complex. The standard Western medicine has had only limited success in the prevention of periodontal disease during orthodontic treatment and in the treatment of a variety of oral diseases. Hence, the search for alternative products continues and natural phytochemicals isolated from plants used in traditional medicine are considered to be good alternatives to synthetic chemicals. The botanicals in the Ayurvedic material medica have been proven to be safe and effective, through several hundred to several thousand years of use. The exploration of botanicals used in traditional medicine may lead to the development of novel preventive or therapeutic strategies for oral health. The present scientific evidence based review is focused on the possible role of Ayurveda in the management of various orofacial disorders.


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