A clinical Study on effect of paste of Haritaki in Padadari (Cracked Feet)

Sujatha Ediriweera, K.K.V.S. Peshala, K. M. S.P Perera, A.M.H.Y Perera


Background: Padadari is a disease described in Ayurveda under Kshudra Roga. It can be correlated to cracked feet. Cracked feet are a common cosmetic problem and a nuisance to most people. Aim: Paste of Haritaki had been described in Rasaratnasamuchchaya, as a remedy for Padadari (Cracked feet). Since no known scientific study has been conducted to evaluate the effect of paste of Haritaki in treatment of Padadari, the present study was undertaken. Method: Paste of Haritaki was prepared by mixing 5g of powdered pericarps of Terminalia chebula with 10ml of ghee. Sixty patients having Padadari were selected and randomly divided into two groups and named as Group 1 and 2. Each group consisted of thirty patients. Group 1 was treated by applying 5 g of paste of Haritaki and kept on twenty minutes. This treatment was conducted for 14 consecutive days. Thirty patients designated as Group 2 and were given a placebo for application in a similar schedule as Group1. Response to the treatment in both groups was recorded. Therapeutic effect was evaluated through symptomatic relief. Results: Patients treated with paste of Haritaki showed a statistical significant symptomatic relief in fissures in the heel, burning sensation and dryness of feet after treatment. Conclusion: It is concluded that paste of Haritaki is significantly beneficial in treatment of Padadari (Cracked feet).  



Padadari; Terminalia chebula; Cracked feet; Paste of Haritaki


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